GOT TIME FOR A QUICKIE?: SILK 2014 dir. Rob Himebaugh

Sometimes we are faced with an opportunity of a lifetime, one that would allow for us to drastically change our lives. While taking that leap of faith can be truly beneficial, sometimes the consequences can be deadly. SILK by Rob Himebaugh is a short film where a CIA agent is faced with an opportunity to get him out of Afghanistan with the woman he cares deeply for, but would cause him to go AWOL.

Justin Beahm plays the CIA agent in question propositioned by a Bedouin for an exchange of rare spider silk from an extremely dangerous spider. The silk is extremely valuable and should fetch a high price from the right market. Beahm’s partner, played by Elle Alexandra, is suspicious of the Bedouin, but also intrigued by the thought of getting away from their current station and living in the lap of luxury.

SILK is one of those short films that could easily be seen as a full length feature film, as I wanted to see more of all the characters, and the full on aftermath of what goes down with the spiders. It is a beautifully shot film with an effective score, also by Himebaugh.

This short is not for the squeamish or the arachnophobic, but does a great job in its short part to create intrigue, a sensual relationship, body horror as well creature frights.

Check out SILK on Vimeo.

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