DisplacementWelcomedProductionStill1Moving forward with our lives can sometimes be an overwhelming thought, causing us to grow stagnant for fear of the unknown, rejection and failure. Sometimes all it takes is a little help from an outside source to get us along on our way. In the short film DISPLACEMENT WELCOMED, a homeless girl named Norma (April Vickery) is helped out by a traveling girl named Skylar (Avery Hobbs), and in return, Skylar is helped out by being inspired to move forward.

Skylar just returned from Finland when she meets Norma, a sweet soul with a caustic and abrasive shell to protect her from the dangers around her. Norma has obviously had a rough past, and isn’t a stranger to self-medicating, but Skylar notices a little shine in this diamond in the rough.

Written and directed by Evan Kidd, DISPLACEMENT WELCOMED is a great little character piece that shows a good amount of growth in a short time, using it’s 16 minute running time effectively. While a few of the performances from supporting cast is a little rough, the two leads are convincing. I ended up finishing the short, wishing that I had more time with them, as I wanted to see both where their characters had been and where they will be heading afterward.DSC_02742

DISPLACEMENT WELCOMED is an official selection for the 2014 Viewster Online Film Festival (Zürich, Switzerland) and is currently available for streaming on the DISPLACEMENT WELCOMED website and also on Vimeo


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