Wheelchair-Werewolf-Title_webWith the rise in popularity of odd shows on [adult swim] such as Rick and Morty, Tim and Eric, and the viral Too Many Cooks video, it makes sense that we get a video series online geared to lampoon 80’s training videos as well as 80’s horror flicks all in one. Joe Avella, writer/director brings us WHEELCHAIR WEREWOLF to bridge that odd gap.

WHEELCHAIR WEREWOLF is an educational video brought to us by Abbott Educational Industries who is experimenting with “Entercationalment,” a mix of entertaining stories to teach a lesson. In this case, that lesson is on how we should respect disabled people around us. I’m sure that there are better ways to learn respect than by fearing something, but hey, I’m not the person running Abbott Educational.

Wheelchair WerewolfThe series comprises of 1-2 minute clips telling a story about a town being ravaged by a werewolf. The clips looks straight out of the early 80’s, and they play off of numerous horror tropes, including one of my favorites involving a morgue worker. The humor is handled well, as the short clips don’t allow it to drag on very long, but the over all story is entertaining thus far. We are even presented with opportunities throughout to hand out the educational pamphlets that were to be included with the original learning materials. Little touches like that add to the educational video elements all the more.

If you are a fan of [adult swim]’s late night comedy, WHEELCHAIR WEREWOLF is aimed for you. Great for horror fans as well that can enjoy a little satire with their scares.

The full tale of WHEELCHAIR WEREWOLF has yet to be told but be sure to catch up soon! It is currently available on Avella’s website, as well as on YouTube. And if you sign up for his newsletter, letting you know as each new episode is released, you’ll be entered into a giveaway for the recent Scream Factory limited edition release of Nightbreed!

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