Why Film Classics Virgin?

I’m sure that a few of you have asked why Film Classics Virgin and why now? I thought today, the day of Thanksgiving would be a great time to share that.

As a young kid, my father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He went from working a very active wood mill  job to being in a wheelchair in just a few months time. Despite battling the disease, dealing with depression for obvious reasons, he tried to spend as much time with my brother and I that he could. One of our favorite activities would be to either go to the movie theatre or the local video store. 

I’m not sure how many kids knew that Tuesdays were video release days, but my brother and I did, usually with the list of what was going to be released that upcoming week. My dad was fairly open to what to watch, but big action films and wacky comedies were his favorite. Because of his proclivities, I realized lately that I’ve not seen classics like SERPICO, but I’ve seen all of the POLICE ACADEMY movies.

After reading a few articles on Cinapse, mostly the Two Cents column, I felt inspired to fill in the gaps of my viewing history. And after enjoying writing brief reviews on Letterboxd, I figured that I should chronicle my journey. Thankfully, people have been very supportive, especially Jerry Smith from Icons of Fright and Liam and Austin from Cinapse.

I’m grateful for my dad passing on his love of film to me and miss him dearly since his passing away just over a year ago. And I’m grateful for all of you readers that are along for my journey through cinematic history.

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